Posted by: Johanna | November 16, 2009

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Perth's 'night life'

But for a start, here’s the start. I arrived in Western Australia in January 2009, via a circuitous international route. I’ve lived in 11 different countries with my family over the last 30 years ( and visited many more) but Western Australia rocks, it really, really does rock.

WA is amazing. It’s about the size of India, approximately half that of Europe and it covers one third of the continent of Australia. Perth’s nearest interstate city is Adelaide, a mere 2,700kms away. As yet, I have no intention of doing anything daft like traversing that distance with a camel, but there’s still time.

In the South West, where I live, there’s little traffic, a scant and scattered population; lots of white, uncrowded, sandy beaches; vineyards, rivers, inlets, estuaries, fruit growing areas, and towering forests. Further north of the State are largely undiscovered reefs and long stretches of beautiful, red, lonely hinterland;

SWA is inspiring … it makes you want to put on a rucksack and hiking boots, or grab your suitcase and swimmers, hitch the bike or the surfboard to the car and go somewhere interesting, do something different or see something unusual, maybe even indulge in a little pampering or retail. So come with me as I pay homage to food and wine, trips and travel, being active, reducing stress, eating healthily, as well as enjoying the little things that make life interesting – oh, and please don’t forget to have your say in the comments box.

At the end of the day, I hope this blog will be entertaining  and that you’ll enjoy stopping by. Most of all I’d like my experiences to lead you to reflect on your own life in a good way, and my writing to send out meaningful echoes.

Happy Exploring!